About Us

Logo HeadlineHEADLINE ENTERTAINMENT MANAGEMENT was found and established in 2003 by our owner Mr.Reza. It All started as a small talent Management with only one labor in hand as the owner himself does the work of a manager, crew and all field work to being the Director of four major sub divisions that handles talent management, Event Organizer, Advertising talent Agency and Owner of Headline school of Modeling and acting. It All started with the conscious of no matter who you are, once you put your mind, soul and heart in to what ever you want to achieve, than success is just a glimpse away.

Our main business, In the past was merely on talents who perform acting for running TV Stripping , presenter , Advertising Models, Runway Modeling and all related Subjects with a near count of Exclusive Talents about 30 members . Which most of them are now highly known artists in Indonesia with a quite glowing reference of experience.

By the year 2009, Headline is now expanding and growing in new heights. We have been involved in the Indonesian Entertainment business for more than 6 years, All the clients in the Production Houses, TV Stations and all related entertainment business partners encouraged us to make other developments in the company, and for their support and trust, we had expand in those years with an Event Organizer, An Advertising Agency and made the school for Modeling and Acting, since it is the core of the business itself. To date, we have organized events such as fashion shows, weddings, gatherings, TV launchings, Pers Releases, PR events, and etc.

Moreover, we have been trusted by quite a lot of production houses clients for their Talent castings and also for Public Relations. Our relationship with our clients is more in the family method than only just the basic business is business concept, we do believe that once you have worked for years with a person and that person trust you in being one of his partners in their company than the mutual understanding must be very appreciated and guarded since for that matter we are no longer only business partners but also a trusted friend.

Our company is very known for our relationship with our exclusive talents, which they are very comfortable with our services that also serves them as family-like relationship not only talent-manager basic business partners.