Our Services

Headline Entertainment Talent Management, Event Organizer, Agency Management, and School of Modeling and acting. 

The Talent Management business was the first in Headline. The Goal of this management is to make common people who have physical and characteristic advantage be an artist that is known by Indonesian viewers and succeed in the entertainment business.

Quite a lot of our clients made demands for Headline to have more talents for they know we choose our talents on a very high standard, but our company policy is that its not the quantity that matters but the quality is more important.

All of our talents are exclusive and they have signed a contract of agreement for the time of 5 years. So our clients will not have to worry about management-talent disputes since our contract are very firmed. Most of our talents play leading roles in their movies or TV series.

Headline Entertainment also has a division for the non exclusive talents in the advertising industry. The on going demands for talents in the commercial business are never ending.

The Talent Agency provides talents for certain clients needs in special characteristics they needed in commercials. The talents are mostly free lance that are random. Most of the clients are Advertising agencies, production houses and direct representative for exclusive brands and products in Indonesia. Now the agency has more than 1000 Freelancers working under the agency and still growing.

The Event Organizer also has been running and we have A highly capable team that has an explicable talent in managing and inventing fresh creative ideas. We have managed Fashion Shows, Wedding exhibits, product Launchings and also PR events such as Press releases, and etc. Our Team consist of the creative, PR director, Field director and experienced crew, Their work has been remarkable and their names are quite know in the fashion and event industry. Enclosed also are past events that has been organized top to bottom by our team.

The Headline Modeling and Acting school will be open around November 2009 and start operating by January 2010, the building is still under renovation . We have highly qualified trainers and flexible hours and programs that focus on meeting each individuals needs. We help participants cultivate their skill and lead them to a lifetime of learning. There is no end in learning to act and there is non out of dated movement in modeling. The world of entertainment is just like the circle of life. What use to be in the past , can now be the new style in the new era, and this has continued over and over. Something new will surely come but the classic will always stay.

Our tutors are well know artists that have a complimentary list of excellent experience , and building an institution for education is a wonderful chance for them to share their methods and give out tips to all the new comers in the cruel world of show business.